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-I do not allow any type of promoting in this community. First time is a warning, Second is being banned.
-Once accepted you may post any questions/comments/concerns.
-You may post requests, it doesn't mean that I will for sur e make you one, but anyone else may also you make you one if they want.
-If you use a layout, you should most deffinetly credit.
-Even if you are not currently using something from my community, you must still keep me credited. I do random checks.
-Stealing, duplicating or copying anything will result in becoming banned.


-Before doing anything, you must credit layout_crave in your userinfo.
-Make a "join community" request.
-Once I see that you have requested acceptance I will look in your userinfo to see that I am credited.
-If so, you are accepted =)


-If you were once a part of this community and realize that you have been deleted, it is because I am not credited in your userinfo, you may request again though.

Owner = teenagehearts_

Promote/Credit with these-

Friends Only banners::
Banner count= 11

1. Taking back Sunday
2. Fall out Boy
3. The Notebook
4. Tiara
5. Girl kissing Frog lol
6. Coheed & Cambria
7. Fall Out Boy
8. The Juliana Theory
9. City Scene
10. Flower 1
11. Flower 2

Layout count= 22

1. Turquoish and grey/Fall out boy quote
2. So Kiss Me
3. He loves me/He loves me not
4. Milkshake
5. Green Swirls
6. Pink Swirls
7. Pink and Black stars
8. Simple blue and gray
9. "Thirteen" the movie
10. Blink 182
11. Coral Color
12. Goodies
13. Blue Dots
14. Bye Bye Beautiful
15. Pinkish
16. Pink Stars
17. Simple Gray stars
18. Simple Bear background
19. Chococat
20. Hello kitty
21. Beach Theme
22. Vacation

How to change the Userinfo/Calander stuff at the top with my codes..
Click here

Tiny Graphics that could go between headers or comments. Where ever =)
You must save to your own server. They all should be transparent.

Rain Drop

Other layout making places I like =)

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